Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sky Fest

My parents took us all to the Bo-Shears (sp?) sky fest a couple weeks ago. I've never been in all the years I've lived here so this was a first for me. It'll probably be more fun in the years to come when Wyatt can actually take part in all the activities they have for kids, but we had a good time this year anyway. It was a gorgeous day and the weather was perfect! The air show was definitely cool to watch. Wyatt even watched the planes when they were close enough for him to see. I think his favorite part was the dippin' dots though. The boy loves his ice cream! He also got to sit on some tractors and we got to look inside some airplanes. It really was neat stuff. Here are some pictures to enjoy!

I know his eyes are closed, but it was the only one where we were all looking the right way.

Wyatt loves anything with a steering wheel and knobs to play with!

He's still not quite sure what to think of bubbles.

This plane was used for one of the wars (or something like that). Those are real bombs above their heads. It was really neat.

There were a lot more planes, but this looked like one of the best pics I took.

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