Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Easter!

We returned from our cruise the night before Easter Sunday.  We were pretty tired from the long drive, but we managed to get the kids dressed and we all made it to church (almost on time).  I'd like to say thanks to God for sending his son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us.  He is the real reason we celebrate Easter.  The rest is just for fun.  It's so amazing to watch Wyatt learn about God.  He gets so excited and his favorite book is his Bible story book that we have to read before naps and bedtime.  I think we need another one because he already knows all these stories by heart!  I look forward to the day where he sees these stories in a whole new light and comes to know God as more than just a story!
We had some fun doing an Easter Egg hunt with the kids...okay, so we just watched them run around the yard and pick them up.  Well, Wyatt ran and we carried Maggie around to the eggs she would point to and we'd let her reach down to pick them up.  She thought it was so amazing!  So here's a few pictures!
 I figured I'd put some different ones than the ones on the header of the blog.  Those were the best but we had a couple other good ones.

 I really wanted a picture of both my babies together...however, someone (Wyatt) was not feeling a need to be cooperative!

 Here's all of us--I think the kiddos were ready to get out of there!

 Releasing the hounds!

 She had a blast!

 Step 1: Find the eggs.

 Step 2: Enjoy the eggs.

 Step 3: Free the eggs!

Laughing at Wyatt freeing the eggs!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So back during spring break, we went on a cruise.  It was all very last minute since we had just found out we were I was pregnant.  We had already decided we'd do something this summer without the kids since we haven't had alone time since Wyatt was born (not that we're complaining, we just figured it was time to do something for us).  We just moved it up a little to try to avoid the morning sickness period and largeness that comes with being pregnant.  So it took a few days to get all the childcare figured out (with my mom still in the throes of tax season, she was unable to take any time off so we had to enlist help from babysitters) and then we were set to go.  I had never been on a cruise before, Kev's been on several, so it was a brand new experience for me.  I was a little terrified at the thoughts of the Titanic and the Poseiden movies.  I know, quite irrational, but sometimes you can't help what you're afraid of.  Once we got going, it was a little easier.  I think the worst day was probably the last day sailing back.  Knowing that we were done with our vacation and not being able to just be home with my babies and feeling the beginnings of morning sickness was just a lot for this hormonal prego!  Overall we had a great time and it was nice to get away and connect with each other without the daily distractions of life as we love it!  So now for the pictures!
We sailed with Celebrity Cruise Line on the Millennium. It was a nice ship and we had a great view.  Booking last minute gives you pretty decent prices on a room with a nice balcony.
 We sailed out of Miami (a long drive).  I think next time we'll plan better so we can have the cruise we want from a closer port.

We're guessing this is Miami beach?  Either way, the water was beautiful! 

First stop: Roatan, Honduras.  Here are some locals playing music and dancing as we got off the ship.

We decided to do a relaxing day at a beach on a private island.  The island was nice and housed rescued animals like this sea lion.  That's our ship in the background. 

 Here is our view from our beach.  The water was lovely and there was plenty of shade for my white self to hide from the sun!  The island also had some fake artificial ruins to walk around and a pool and the excursion price included a nice little BBQ lunch.

 Our ship looks pretty big until... compare it to this ship on the left.  Hint: The longer you cruise, the bigger your ship!
This is at the dock in Cozumel, Mexico.

We  walked around the shopping area in Cozumel.  In our first store there was this statue, who turned out to be a guy in a lot of make-up.  You didn't know it until he smiled.  He startled quite a few passersby.  I'm so glad he didn't get us.  I'm not a fan of being startled.

We went to the Margaritaville in the airport in Jamaica on our honeymoon so I thought it'd be fun to check out this one in Cozumel.  Obviously I had to pass on the shot of tequila...maybe next time (or not). 

Wastin away again in Margaritaville!  We did pick up a souvenir salt shaker! 

On our last day of the cruise, they had the monster buffet!  This picture doesn't do it much justice, but the food covered every inch of the tables and it was pretty much everything you would want from a buffet.  The only thing missing was the table of just watermelon for the nauseous pregnant lady!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Well things are definitely changing.  We are adding a new member to our family.  Wyatt is sooooooooo super excited and talks about it every day.  Maggie doesn't really care, but if we ask her about it, she smiles.  It was a big decision and we definitely prayed about it for a while before we made the final decision.  God has blessed us so much and we want to make sure He is present for every decision that affects our family.  So what are we adding?

It's a....


Baby 3 is estimated to arrive on or around December 2.  We couldn't be happier.  Wyatt keeps saying, "The new baby is going to love me! I love the new baby!"  Then he hugs my belly.

I think the best part of this wonderful surprise is that we found out on Kev's birthday, March 23.  It was so fun to tell him, "Happy Birthday! Maggie's going to be a big sister!"  This is also why we went on our cruise that I will post about soon.  We decided to go ahead and go on the cruise while I wasn't so big and before the first trimester ickiness could set in.  It was our babymoon!

So now you know why I've been absent lately.  The first trimester hit with all it's exhaustion and ickiness it's known for.  Taking care of the kiddos has been just about all I've had the energy to do.  I'm so blessed to have the most wonderful husband who takes such good care of me in my present state.  He's fed and put to bed the kids on several occasions where I've been stuck in bed in the evenings.

We had our first doctor appointment 2 weeks ago and saw baby doing very well.  We also discovered that I have a small clot known as a subchorionic hematoma.  We went back yesterday and it's still there, but still the same small size so we'll continue to watch it, but it's not of a major concern right now.  Yesterday's sonogram was fun because we got to see our sweet baby and he/she was just a wiggling those tiny arms and legs all around.  We haven't seen a 10 week sonogram before so it was really neat and exciting.  Baby is doing great--growing and the heartbeat was good and high.

It's so amazing to think about how God is continuing to form this tiny baby inside me and it feels so good to know that He is entrusting us with another wonderful blessing to care for and raise for His glory.  We want to continue to build and grow God's kingdom as long as He sees us fit.