Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Well I'm 33 weeks along now and these next 4-7 weeks seem like they're coming up too fast! I've heard and read that many pregnant women experience fatigue when the third trimester comes...followed by a renewed burst of nesting energy as the day draws near.  I didn't have any of that during my first two pregnancies.  I really just had the fatigue/exhaustion during the first trimester and felt fine the rest of the time.  I've had a lot of people ask how it's been the third time around (especially with 2 little ones).  Well, there's been a few similarities, but a lot of different aches and pains.  I haven't had anything major with any of my pregnancies: sciatic nerve stuff with Wyatt where my leg would just go completely numb when I needed to do stuff (like grocery shopping), lots of low back pain and carpal tunnel with Maggie, and now just little aches and pains that make it rather uncomfortable to move/walk (sometimes it hits when I'm laying in bed).  I'm very blessed to have these relatively "easy" pregnancies with no complications (so far) and I thank God for this regularly.

We haven't done much lately, but I do have a few pictures to share in my next post (when I feel like finding the camera card in the camera and loading them on the computer!).  The kids have had some minor colds and Maggie may have been teething last week so at least one of them woke us up every night last week.  I didn't feel great, but I just attributed it to pregnancy stuff.  Apparently it wasn't completely due to pregnancy because my doc gave me some antibiotics at my appointment last week.  Then Kev woke up with a 24 hour stomach bug on Saturday so I took the kids to a local fest (it was basically a large market-type thing and they got their picture taken, looked at a bunch of goats, and decorated mini pumpkins).  We walked around there for a little bit, then went to the store to pick up some saltines and ginger ale for the daddy.
I'm guessing being outside with all of the fall allergens on top of getting over a minor cold was enough to help Wyatt develop a nice case of croup.  He woke us up at 5 Sunday morning with breathing issues so we gave him a steam bath and stuck him in front of the freezer and googled his symptoms and finally tried to go back to sleep...Wyatt did not, but Kev felt well enough to finally just take him away around 7:30 and let me sleep till after 10 (gotta love that man of mine!).  We took Wy to the clinic where he was diagnosed with croup and the beginning of a double ear infection so we got steroids and antibiotic.  He's feeling much better this week!
Maggie's either teething or having some slight allergy issues or both.  Last night she decided she wasn't going to sleep, but she finally did around 10:30.  Then Wyatt woke up at 6 and I had to put him in bed with me.

So I think I'm entitled to be a little tired!  I've definitely gone back to sleeping during nap times, but I'm hoping the kiddos will go back to sleeping through the night so I can get other things done while they nap!  That's the gist of lately.  I'll post some pics from Pirate/Princess night at Chick-Fil-A last Friday night.  The kids were too precious!