Monday, January 25, 2010

Daddy's Turn

I told Kevin it was his turn to feed Wyatt on Saturday since he isn't home during the week. He was a little apprehensive, but he did it anyways. Let me just say that the pictures do not do justice to the mess they made together!

Wyatt didn't seem to mind his daddy feeding him! He enjoyed it pretty well I think!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rice Cereal...yummm!

We started Wyatt on rice cereal this week. We decided to just try it out because he has become increasingly interested in watching us eat and wanting to chew on our foods. I wanted Kevin to be there for the first time and he was off on Monday, so it worked out perfectly. The first night, he slept went 11 hours. However, it must have just been a fluke because he hasn't slept that well since then.
Here are some pictures!

Taking a bite. (This wasn't the first bite because Kev video taped the first few minutes and then took pictures.)

Thinking about it.

Watching me.

"Can you put it in my mouth faster please?!"

I think he liked the overall experience!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The New Year So Far...

So it's been a couple weeks since I've posted. Not much out of the ordinary has been going on though. Kevin went back to the toe doctor a couple weeks ago and they cleared him saying that his toe has healed. Unfortunately, after 2 weeks off, going back to standing and moving around all day has proved to be painful. So that's the toe status.
Wyatt continues to get bigger and more fun by the day. He is amazing, as usual. Unpredictable, but amazing! He's even started growing more hair on the top of his head!
And now, picture time!
More Christmas pictures from Nana's camera that I just had to share!

One of my besties came by to finally see him! She teaches in SC and is super-involved with band so she hasn't been able to come visit since he was born.

Happy New Year!

Daddy's Little All-Star!

He just looks like a little man in this outfit!

He's finally able to enjoy his exersaucer!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas '09 part III

After the Christmas Eve service, we drove to Atlanta to stay with my sister. She and her husband had been wanting to do Christmas at their house since they were having it built last year. (They moved in sometime around March?) It was a ton of fun, but pretty hectic trying to do stuff around the schedules of two babies. So here we go.
I was bummed that present time was not at the top of everyone's list first thing in the morning because that's the time when Wyatt is the most fun. Therefore, Kevin and I went ahead and let him have his Santa present (the one he opens with his gifts from Santa, but it's from us). If you don't understand, it's okay. It's kind of a family joke.
He loves it! It says his name, sings songs, and plays music that we choose.

Wyatt got a jumperoo. We put him in it and he liked the toys. Then he started kicking his legs like he always does and started moving. It didn't take much longer for him to actually start jumping. He is an accomplished jumper!
All tuckered out, snuggling with Daddy!
Emerson has started smiling! She looks like a little elf! She's so precious! I have to admit that I didn't take enough pictures of her. The little bit of time I was able to spend with her (because I either had Wyatt or one of my parents had her), I spent it holding and cuddling her.

Our little family!

It took several shots to get this picture. That includes the one where I set the timer, got in the picture, and as soon as the timer went off, the picture took as I stepped on Kevin's broken toe. Needless to say, his face was not a happy one!

Aren't they precious!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas '09 part II

**Disclaimer--I went overboard with pictures, but it's Wyatt's first Christmas so I felt entitled!
Part II starts at Nana and JJ's house for Christmas Eve brunch. Kev's brother's family comes along with cousin B's other grandmother GeGe. We've done this since our first Christmas together (I think) and it's been fun. Last year was when we announced that we were pregnant and this year that little blessing was here for some fun.
We were a little late because we had to make sure we had everything for the trip to Atlanta later that night. Wyatt fell asleep in the car and slept while we ate. Then he woke up and was very playful with Nana and cousin B.

Wyatt's first Christmas stocking!

Nana showing Wyatt his stocking stuffers!

All of ours and Wyatt's presents.
Wyatt was attempting a nap, but he just couldn't stand not seeing what was going on. I think he was trying to figure out if this is really where he wanted to be!
Wyatt likes this elephant that giggles!
Admiring his new Georgia jacket!

Alas, he finally gave up after seeing all of his presents.

For some reason, I thought his pants would be harder for him to pull off of his head!
This is cousin B showing us his gift from Truett Cathy.

Later that night, we went to Christmas Eve service with Kevin's parents. Wyatt was so good. I wish we had gotten a picture of the three of us. Oh well, maybe next year!

Christmas '09 part I

We had a lot going on over Christmas break and a few celebrations. So hold on tight as I post our fun times a little late!
First, we had our friends and their kids come over for dinner. We wanted to get together back in October, but one of us always had something going on. Better late than never! So I cooked and they came over and gave Wyatt his second Christmas present (his 1st was his exersaucer that we got him a couple months ago).

What do I do with this?

This is cool! (It's a ball that rolls on its own and makes music.)

We also gave Z (my fabulous flower girl) her birthday present. We did it a little early since we weren't invited to her all-girl slumber party!