Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Rest of August

We didn't do too much during the rest of August because Kev went back to work.  It's really sad to wake up in the morning to the sound of "da-da" from the monitor and realize that you have to get up instead of sleeping in like you've been allowed to do most of the summer.  So it's back to life as usual.  I do have a few pics (and hopefully some video) to share so here we go!

So Wyatt was too excited to actually eat anything (including cake and ice cream) during his party.  A few days later, perhaps his birthday day, we had some leftover cake.

I think he liked it!

Let me just tell you that this was fun.  Wyatt had a couple really good, clean hits (especially the first one that I tried to take a picture of because I didn't think it would be good enough for video--lesson learned)!  He also had a few 3 year old attention span moments where Kevin would set him up and step back and Wyatt would run put the bat in the bush.  That's my boy!

This one went the wrong way...do you see the ball?

Even Maggie got in on the fun!  She did pretty good too!
Here's Wyatt being 3!
Here's Maggie getting a turn and Wyatt being 3 some more!

Kev and I got to go to a Braves game...on a school night.  Needless to say, we were pretty wiped out the next day, but we got our free Chipper Jones bobble-head figures and had really great seats (if you need sporting event tickets, use scorebig.com) for about half the price.  One thing we found out after we got our dinner was that you're allowed to bring food and drink from outside the park, so we could've saved a little money there, but this pregnant lady really did enjoy the delicious corndog and boiled peanuts that my love bought for me!  We also got some souvenir cups with Chipper's signature printed inside them.  For those of you who don't know, this is Chipper's last year and he's the most awesome Brave ever!  It was a real treat to get to see him in one of his final games.

Look at all those flags of playoff years and one World Series Championship!

The man himself, warming up--we totally got lucky with 3rd base seats!

Here he is in his first at bat, about to hit his first homer for the night!  He hit another one later.  It was a great game and we had a fun time!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Check-up Time!

It's nice to have both kids' well check-ups in the same visit.  Luckily, only Maggie had to get any shots; Wyatt just had the flu-mist.  Let me start by saying that if this your first visit to my children's check-up stats reports, you may want to browse some other posts to get an idea of the size of them.  When we say we have large children (who were born regular-sized), we really mean we have large children.  They've managed to stay off the charts since their earliest baby visits.
Wyatt's 4 months
Wyatt's 18 months
Maggie's 9 months

Maggie's managed to be big like her brother, but not as big (thank goodness!).  Her percentiles are still as high as his though, since girls generally are smaller than boys.  So without further ado, here are their current stats:

Wyatt turned 3 last month so here are his 3 year old stats (above the 97th %):
height: 41 1/3 inches (3 ft. 5 1/3 in.)
weight: 45 lbs.

Maggie hit the 18 month mark a couple weeks ago (above the 97th %):
height: 34 3/4 in.
weight: 31 lbs. 7 oz.

So Maggie's slowed down significantly.  She's still squeezing into some of her 24 month clothes, but quickly growing out of them.  She fits comfortably in 2T and some 3T (I think 3T pants will be too long when winter hits).

Wyatt is wearing size 4 pants and size 4/5T shirts.  He needs bigger shirts because they're a little longer and he's never been lacking in height!

They're both developing tremendously in language.  Maggie is saying tons of words.  Wyatt started Cubbies this year (part of the AWANAS program) and is doing great at memorizing his Bible verses.

I'm really looking forward to all that's in store for my babies over the next year!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Zoo!

The last day of July brought a last minute trip to the zoo, which is about an hour away.  We got there about an hour after it opened, took the kids to see all the animals, and got out right before we were starving and picked up some non-expensive food for the ride home.  The kids had a blast and we loved watching them have a blast!  We didn't take a ton of pictures, but here are a few that we did get.  I wish we had gotten pictures of feeding the giraffes, but it's probably for the best because giraffe tongues are slimy!  Maggie, our daredevil, got into it just from seeing the other kids do it and Wyatt surprised us by doing some feeding as well!  They loved it!

Let me just tell you that she loved everything!

Tiger love!


I'm not sure what they were looking at, but it was fun watching Wyatt getting into posing on the turtle a little bit!  Next year will be even more fun!  Yay!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wyatt is Three!!!

It happened again. My little big man had another birthday!  I made the mistake of asking him a few months ago what kind of party he wanted and what kind of cake.  All we (and everyone else) heard about the whole summer was that Wyatt was going to have a Thomas cake! He told everyone he met that he was going to have a Thomas cake and it was going to be "de-wicious"!  Let me just tell you that he has just exploded into words (when he's not throwing a scream-fit) and is quite funny on most occasions!  I hear a lot of things that I know he's heard from Kev and me, and a few things he heard from tv or grandparents.  Then there's the things that just come out of nowhere and we're just left shaking our heads and wondering where this first miracle of ours has come from!
So anyways, we go next week for his check-up and Maggie's 18 month check-up so I'll post those fun height and weight stats as soon as I can.  For now, on to the birthday party and the famous Thomas cake!  For those who don't know, Wyatt is a typical boy and as such, has developed a love for all things Thomas the train.  I think 98% of his birthday gifts were related to Thomas and he loves them! He also got a rhyme Bible and a t-ball set and he and Maggie have definitely enjoyed them.  I'm so glad the weather seems to be cooling off and they'll get to enjoy t-ball even more!
About his cake: I decided this year that I was going to make his cake...I had no clue I was going to be making this cake when I decided this, but I refused to purchase a cake that I felt completely capable of making myself.  I googled how to make a train cake on many occasion and found quite a few different ideas and this is what the final product looked like:

The distant shot with "Annie and Clarabel" (the extra train cars).

Thomas!  I couldn't find yellow icing for his number 1, but Wyatt didn't care a bit!

Thanks to my awesome friend Abbie, who was able to come over to help me and encourage me as we cut and pieced together the shape of Thomas.  It's really scary, until you eat the leftover pieces! ;)

Opening presents--Cars wrapping paper and Thomas inside made for one very happy boy!

So excited for t-ball!

We're so blessed by our family and friends who came to watch Wyatt open his presents...and eat cake and sandwiches!

Checking out his present and Maggie getting in the action.

Oooooh! Who doesn't love money! (it goes into his college savings fund--I know, we're so mean!)

Sitting in his new Thomas chair and reading a card!

Thanks to our family and friends for helping make this a super, fun day for Wyatt! He had a blast!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Myrtle Beach '12

The end of July brought a fun trip to Myrtle Beach with Kev's parents (Nana and JJ)!  We got to stay right on the beach and one night we took the kids to a fun place and let them ride a couple rides. They had a blast!.
Day 1:  Arrival, check-in, dinner, and hitting the beach. After showers and pjs, we headed back out to watch some fireworks before going to bed.

He could not get enough time playing in the dirt!

Maggie was our water baby!

burying Nana in the sand!

sweet love with JJ!

Turns out, our kids love the shower!

Even Wy couldn't get enough shower time!

Day 2:  Rise and shine and hit the beach!  Then lunch, naps (Kev and I took this time to get some more beach while Nana and JJ awesomely watched the sleeping kiddos).  Afterwards, we took Maggie and walked around a neat little tourist location with lots of shopping (and we didn't buy a thing).  Then it was dinner and back to the tourist place to let the kids have some more fun before bedtime!

This girl has NO fear!

Digging for the buried treasure!

He found the treasure chest! (hey!--to him it's a treasure chest!)

Carrying his gold deblunes!
We bought a boogie board and Wyatt had a blast!

I'll never forget this day!
Thank you JJ for getting these shots on your camera and to Nana for entertaining Maggie!

Relaxing in the shade with Nana!

Riding the train with Nana!

Wyatt LOVED this ride! He got to ride it twice.  This was getting ready for the first ride.

That turn was fast and fun!

Ready to ride in J. Gordon's car...he's our favorite!

We determined that the carousel would be safe enough for me to ride with Maggie.  She wasn't sure when I first put her up there, but she had a blast as soon as it started! I love these memories!
Day 3:  Rise and shine and get in a little more beach before showering and heading back home!  It was a great trip and I'm so glad we got to have a little more fun before our family summer ended.  Thanks JJ and Nana for taking us out there and showing us the ropes!

I literally had to drag him to the water on the last day so he could enjoy it one last time. Daddy took him out into the waves and he held tightly, but loved every minute!