Friday, December 9, 2011

Maggie's 9 Months!

So Maggie hit 9 months this past Sunday! We went to see Dr. B on Monday and she's still the biggest baby on the block! She has 3 teeth now and she's got the sweetest smile! Dr. B said that her AV Malformation seemed smaller in appearance and feeling it. I was hoping that she would say that because I was thinking the same thing, but didn't want to get my hopes up. I'm not sure if it will stay that way or go away or end up growing larger later, but we meet with the surgeon again in March so we'll see then! I was also thrilled to hear that she didn't need any shots yesterday! What a relief!

Here's her current stats (all above the 97th percentile):

Head: 18 3/4 in.
Height: 30 in.
Weight: 26 lbs.

I just checked Wyatt's stats from 9 months and she weighs the same as he did. He was 2 inches taller and his head was bigger, but there's no denying we grow large babies over here!

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