Friday, January 20, 2012

Wyatt Is TALKing!

Wyatt is quite the chatterbox these days. Those moments where you just look at him and wonder what he's talking about are becoming less frequent. So here are some of the fun things he's been saying lately!

On the way home from dinner 2 weeks ago: "I love you Maggie! Merry Christmas!"

Later that night when I turned out the light: "Oh gosh Momma! It's night!"

Any random time during the last month: "Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!"

Pertaining to anything he wants: "I need a ________" (fill in the blank with cookie, cracker, waffle syrup)

Wyatt likes peanut butter on his finger when I fix him a PB sandwich: "The peanut butter's a helicopter. The helicopter is up high." (as he raises his PB'd finger in the air--no clue where he got this from!)

We got an Xbox and it works with voice commands: "Xbox, go home"

He sometimes bursts into song: "Jingle Bells" "Frosty the Snowman" "Ring Little Bells"

Most days he just randomly pops up and says: "I like cookies" "I like chocolate" "I like cake" "I like chocolate cake" "I like birthday cake" "I like waffle syrup"

There's train video that Cousin B used to watch and now Wyatt watches it at Nana's house. The little boy asks for a hamburger and when he can't have it he says shucks: If someone asks Wyatt for a hamburger, he'll say "shucks!"

He's becoming a little parrot too. He'll attempt almost anything so it's been so fun to listen to him.

Latest Photography

So I did family pics for two friends back in November. One friend I've known since our days in youth group and the other is that Character family that seems to pop up in our lives quite regularly! Here are some of my faves from the shoots!

This was literally the first shot of the day and it was perfect!

At the end of the shoot, we loaded up the kids in the van and walked a few yards away and took a couple of them alone. They definitely had a little fun with it!

Now for the Characters: We did a bunch of different stuff than we usually do. We wanted to try out some fun poses and just try new things.

And a maternity shot for baby Malachi!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas--both the kids were soooo much fun this year! Wyatt sang (is still singing) some Christmas songs and really enjoyed his presents. Maggie had fun playing with all the paper and she's just at such a fun age that we all just had a blast! Christmas Eve consisted of brunch, presents, and family time at Kev's parents' house. Then Christmas Eve service with his parents and then off to my parents' house to see my cousin who was in town. Christmas morning we had both sets of parents come over for breakfast and to watch the kids get their Christmas presents. Then we went to Christmas Day service and spent the afternoon with my parents. So here are some (very few) pictures from the weekend (and the one from our Christmas card)!

Merry Christmas from the Carrs!

Maggie's new doll--I love her!

Wyatt loves Thomas!

Christmas morning--we got the kids a tent/tunnel set and Wyatt had so much fun!

So did Daddy!

Maggie's new (to her) activity table.

hanging out w/Grandpa!

As I'm going through pictures, I'm seeing a great lack of the kids with us and the kids with their grandparents. I need to work on this.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh Wow! Pretty Lights!

We have a local place where they have tons of Christmas lights set up in different formations and such. It's really neat. Our local paper ran a daily deal for family packs to go to the lights and my mom and Kev's mom both bought it s we got to go twice. I posted a pic from the first trip in the Thanksgiving post of Wy and cousin E but then my battery died and I did not have any other pics to show for that visit. So here are some pics from the second visit when we went with Kev's parents. There is an option see the lights via a hayride, but we chose to walk the trail because the line for the ride was way too long. The walk was long and chilly, but you really get to enjoy the lights a little more!

Wyatt was playing with his hat!

Cinderella is over to the right and here is her carriage.

Cinderella's carriage for sitting in! Wyatt preferred to stand.

Okay, so the gingerbread house didn't have any lights, but it was fun crawling around in there!

**Disclaimer--there were tons more displays that were not related to Cinderella, I just didn't happen to take pictures of them. Maybe next year we'll get some of Wyatt with the dinosaurs!