Friday, January 20, 2012

Wyatt Is TALKing!

Wyatt is quite the chatterbox these days. Those moments where you just look at him and wonder what he's talking about are becoming less frequent. So here are some of the fun things he's been saying lately!

On the way home from dinner 2 weeks ago: "I love you Maggie! Merry Christmas!"

Later that night when I turned out the light: "Oh gosh Momma! It's night!"

Any random time during the last month: "Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!"

Pertaining to anything he wants: "I need a ________" (fill in the blank with cookie, cracker, waffle syrup)

Wyatt likes peanut butter on his finger when I fix him a PB sandwich: "The peanut butter's a helicopter. The helicopter is up high." (as he raises his PB'd finger in the air--no clue where he got this from!)

We got an Xbox and it works with voice commands: "Xbox, go home"

He sometimes bursts into song: "Jingle Bells" "Frosty the Snowman" "Ring Little Bells"

Most days he just randomly pops up and says: "I like cookies" "I like chocolate" "I like cake" "I like chocolate cake" "I like birthday cake" "I like waffle syrup"

There's train video that Cousin B used to watch and now Wyatt watches it at Nana's house. The little boy asks for a hamburger and when he can't have it he says shucks: If someone asks Wyatt for a hamburger, he'll say "shucks!"

He's becoming a little parrot too. He'll attempt almost anything so it's been so fun to listen to him.

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