Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wyatt's 2!

My little man is 2 years old! We had his party the day after we got back from vacation--so thankful for my parents for getting it put together while we were gone!

But first--Here are his stats from his 2 year check-up!

Head: 20 7/8 in (above 97%)
Weight: 39 1/2 lbs (above 97%)
Height: 38 3/8 in (above 97%)

He has jumped back up in his percentiles. He's almost an inch for every pound! He wears size 3 and 4 in shirts and 2 and 3 in his shorts. He'll have to wear 3 in pants this winter for the length, but he sure is skinny. His verbal vocabulary is picking up a good bit and I get tickled every time I hear something new.

He's definitely a silly boy! I didn't know kids were intentionally silly at 2 years old, but he sure is. The other night we were reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? and when we got to the blue horse (he calls it a "buu neigh"), he says "ahnge cack cack" (orange duck). When I corrected him, he just grinned and repeated "ahnge cack cack". He thought it was so funny...and it was! He continues to amaze us every day. He's so sweet and he loves Maggie so much! He likes to say "buu" and "ahnge" all the time! It's terrible in a house that prefers red and black! Needless to say, we're working on it!

**It must not be meant for me to share pics from Wyatt's birthday right now because I can't get it to work. I will have to try again later. I just knew I neededto share this post that I typed months ago! Since this post, Wyatt's vocabulary has continued to increase tremendously! He still won't say red and black, but at least he's laying off the blue and orange all the time!