Thursday, April 26, 2012


We've been MIA for about a month now so I figured I should probably update a bit.  We left off the day before Kev's birthday so he had a birthday and we had a nice visit with his family that weekend and then we left the babies (GASP) to go on a cruise by ourselves.  We haven't had time to ourselves since Wyatt was born and we've definitely never been away without our babies for any amount of time.  It was a good trip that I'll post more about later (maybe tomorrow...maybe not, we'll see).  We had fun on Easter being back with the kiddos and we've just been living life as usual since then!

Now for a quick funnie from Wyatt:
Last night at dinner, Kev managed to spill Wyatt's milk cup all over Wyatt and bonk him in the face during the process.  Wyatt simply looked at Kev and asked, "Why did you do that Daddy?"
I love that little man!