Saturday, December 15, 2012


Welcome to the world little man!

Grady Alexander
9 lbs. 3 oz.
22 1/2 in.
We are in love and Wyatt and Maggie are so excited to have him home!  They can't get enough of him and we are so blessed!
I will post again later when I have time to tell his birth story (for my friends who are birth story addicts like me!).  We are all doing great...tired, but great!

Monday, December 3, 2012

40 weeks?

So the 40 week due date has come and gone and I'm still pregnant!  We definitely did not expect to make it this far.  However, a due date really is just an educated guess.  It could be off by a week or two in either direction.  In my case, I don't think it would be off by more than a week.  I was late, so it's supposed to be normal for me to have a late baby too.  If I don't have the baby sooner, I'll go to the doctor on Thursday and have a few tests to make sure everything is good with the baby.  I think he's fine. I have contractions a good bit here and there throughout the days and nights and I'm still feeling a good bit of movement from the little man inside.
Kev would like for me to go ahead and have the baby now!  Every Monday when he shows up to work, his students (and co-workers) keep reminding him that he's not supposed to be there!  I wouldn't be surprised at all if I go into labor tomorrow (when my doc gets back in town).  I think I'd be surprised if I made it to the doctor appointment Thursday.  Either way, my goal is still to have a safe delivery with a healthy baby.  We continue to pray for little man and me as we know we're coming to a close on this pregnancy.  I think the kids are sensing baby's imminent presence as they've become a little more clingy in some ways, and in other ways, they seem to be getting used to Daddy doing more for them when he's around.
At my appointment last week, I was dilated 3 cm and 80% effaced.  Let me just say that that's huge progress considering the last few weeks.  However, a pregnant woman can stay at this stage for a while still.  I was the same when I was pregnant with Wyatt for a couple weeks until we were electively induced with him at 39 weeks.
People keep asking us if we'll induce, but for now, the goal is to go into labor on my own when the baby and my body are ready, unless our doctor tells us we need to do something else.  Dr. M is totally supportive of our wishes and we trust that God is giving her wisdom and guidance as she cares for us during this time.

We do ask for continued prayers for:
  1. health and safety for Baby 3
  2. health and safety for me
  3. continued wisdom and guidance of our doctor
  4. a quick labor and safe delivery
  5. flexibility on my part if labor and delivery don't go as I hope
  6. endurance for Kev as he stands by my side and supports me during labor and delivery
  7. endurance for Kev as he takes care of us all during my recovery
  8. smooth transition to a family of 5
  9. peace during this most wonderful time of the year as we celebrate a new baby and remember Jesus' birth as well!