Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh Wow! Pretty Lights!

We have a local place where they have tons of Christmas lights set up in different formations and such. It's really neat. Our local paper ran a daily deal for family packs to go to the lights and my mom and Kev's mom both bought it s we got to go twice. I posted a pic from the first trip in the Thanksgiving post of Wy and cousin E but then my battery died and I did not have any other pics to show for that visit. So here are some pics from the second visit when we went with Kev's parents. There is an option see the lights via a hayride, but we chose to walk the trail because the line for the ride was way too long. The walk was long and chilly, but you really get to enjoy the lights a little more!

Wyatt was playing with his hat!

Cinderella is over to the right and here is her carriage.

Cinderella's carriage for sitting in! Wyatt preferred to stand.

Okay, so the gingerbread house didn't have any lights, but it was fun crawling around in there!

**Disclaimer--there were tons more displays that were not related to Cinderella, I just didn't happen to take pictures of them. Maybe next year we'll get some of Wyatt with the dinosaurs!

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