Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Zoo!

The last day of July brought a last minute trip to the zoo, which is about an hour away.  We got there about an hour after it opened, took the kids to see all the animals, and got out right before we were starving and picked up some non-expensive food for the ride home.  The kids had a blast and we loved watching them have a blast!  We didn't take a ton of pictures, but here are a few that we did get.  I wish we had gotten pictures of feeding the giraffes, but it's probably for the best because giraffe tongues are slimy!  Maggie, our daredevil, got into it just from seeing the other kids do it and Wyatt surprised us by doing some feeding as well!  They loved it!

Let me just tell you that she loved everything!

Tiger love!


I'm not sure what they were looking at, but it was fun watching Wyatt getting into posing on the turtle a little bit!  Next year will be even more fun!  Yay!

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