Friday, September 14, 2012

Myrtle Beach '12

The end of July brought a fun trip to Myrtle Beach with Kev's parents (Nana and JJ)!  We got to stay right on the beach and one night we took the kids to a fun place and let them ride a couple rides. They had a blast!.
Day 1:  Arrival, check-in, dinner, and hitting the beach. After showers and pjs, we headed back out to watch some fireworks before going to bed.

He could not get enough time playing in the dirt!

Maggie was our water baby!

burying Nana in the sand!

sweet love with JJ!

Turns out, our kids love the shower!

Even Wy couldn't get enough shower time!

Day 2:  Rise and shine and hit the beach!  Then lunch, naps (Kev and I took this time to get some more beach while Nana and JJ awesomely watched the sleeping kiddos).  Afterwards, we took Maggie and walked around a neat little tourist location with lots of shopping (and we didn't buy a thing).  Then it was dinner and back to the tourist place to let the kids have some more fun before bedtime!

This girl has NO fear!

Digging for the buried treasure!

He found the treasure chest! (hey!--to him it's a treasure chest!)

Carrying his gold deblunes!
We bought a boogie board and Wyatt had a blast!

I'll never forget this day!
Thank you JJ for getting these shots on your camera and to Nana for entertaining Maggie!

Relaxing in the shade with Nana!

Riding the train with Nana!

Wyatt LOVED this ride! He got to ride it twice.  This was getting ready for the first ride.

That turn was fast and fun!

Ready to ride in J. Gordon's car...he's our favorite!

We determined that the carousel would be safe enough for me to ride with Maggie.  She wasn't sure when I first put her up there, but she had a blast as soon as it started! I love these memories!
Day 3:  Rise and shine and get in a little more beach before showering and heading back home!  It was a great trip and I'm so glad we got to have a little more fun before our family summer ended.  Thanks JJ and Nana for taking us out there and showing us the ropes!

I literally had to drag him to the water on the last day so he could enjoy it one last time. Daddy took him out into the waves and he held tightly, but loved every minute!

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