Friday, August 31, 2012

Number 3

So it's been 6 weeks since the ultrasound and finding out if Wyatt and Maggie are getting a new brother or sister.  Kev wanted a girl and I wanted a boy, but either way, we felt truly blessed and excited with all that God has given us.  We were going to be excited no matter what gender this baby turned out to be.  We are called to be parents and are excited that God is entrusting us with another little one to lead and guide and grow to glorify His kingdom.  This has been our constant and unchanging prayer for each of our kids and will continue to be so for this newest blessing as well!
So without further ado, Wyatt and Maggie are getting a baby


This came as quite a surprise to us as Kev and I were almost completely sure since early on that this baby must be a girl.  The only time I thought we might be having a boy was when my instincts kicked in, but I just assumed it was because I wanted a boy so I released those thoughts and continued the girl thoughts.  The heart rate was higher, which usually (but not always) indicates girl, and I felt like my pregnancy symptoms/cravings/aversions were more similar to my pregnancy with Maggie than my pregnancy with Wyatt.  Therefore, I felt like this was a girl for sure!  I was scouring the baby names book to find a good girl name because I was that certain.
The night before the ultrasound, we asked Wyatt what he thought the baby would be and what he wanted the baby to be.  He told us very matter of factly that the baby was a baby brother.  That was the first time that I really had doubts about the supposed baby girl!  I've heard too many stories about children's intuition being spot on and the rest of the night and the next morning, I was in a state of wonder.  We took the kids with us (won't be doing that again if we can help it!) so the sonographer asked Wyatt what he wanted and he told her a baby brother.  Imagine my shock when she finally got to that part and said, "Wyatt's right!"  At first I didn't really believe her and asked if she was sure.  I even told her I didn't see what she saw on the screen so she adjusted a little.  It quickly became quite obvious that this little baby growing and wiggling and kicking inside of me is indeed a little boy!
As surprised as we were, we were still super excited!  I still have days where I just feel a little disbelief.  For those days, I refer to the ultrasound pictures on the fridge!

As of right now, I'm almost 27 weeks.  Baby boy is my most active baby yet.  I sure hope he's not this active when he's born.  I need him to sleep a good bit like normal babies!  It finally hit me earlier this week that part of his active lifestyle could be due to the fact that I have been craving coke and drinking it most days.  This is huge because I rarely drink anything other than water (and sweet tea if we go somewhere).  Unfortunately, I have an aversion to water during my pregnancies that wears off, but this time it took longer to wear off and my body just wants coke instead.  I'll be glad when the cravings stop, because I truly believe that this much coke is not good for anyone! We are so excited to meet this little one in early December/late November.  Wyatt has been excited from the beginning and I'm sure Maggie just doesn't know what she's in for.  However, they have both been giving the baby kisses and talking and singing to him (via my belly button) and that just makes a mommy's heart so happy!

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  1. So excited for all of you! Glad I dont have to be concerned about saying anything now:) lol!!!! Can't wait to meet your newest blessing!!!