Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy 4th and Cow Appreciation!

July 4th is becoming one of my favorite holidays now that I have kids.  Wy loves the fireworks!  It's so much fun to watch them with him and see him enjoying them so much.  Maggie likes them until she gets bored and needs to walk around, but hey--she's one!  Here they are decked out for the 4th and let me just tell you that getting one picture of them together is no simple task so getting two just blows my mind!

 My little "momma's girl"!  (why yes, I did get my hair cut!  It's a change, but it's been nice with the heat and now I don't have to worry about little miss pulling it out all the time!)

We love to support our cows! (Especially for free food!)

The boys! 

 The girls!

This is what happens when you try for a group shot without an extra person to take the picture...but at least we're all in there having a great time!

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