Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Maggie's 15 month stats and some Pictures!

Well Maggie is 17 months old now, but here are her stats from her 15 month check-up from back in June.

Weight:  30 lbs. 3 oz.  (99 %)
Height:  34 1/4 in. (not sure the exact percent because it's not on the sheet they gave me, but it was in the 99-100% range as well)

She's growing and developing very well.  She's walking and talking and trying out new words daily.  She's so much fun and has so much personality that she always keeps us laughing!  We joke that she's going to be our mean child as she's not the friendliest of our two.  She very rarely smiles at other people (especially if she's tired) and she often scowls, even at us!  It's really funny though.  Hopefully she'll be mean to all the boys when she gets older and they'll just stay away!

Now on to some pictures.  We took the kids to the pool a couple times before it got too hot, and only in the evenings when it wasn't crowded!  Once they realized that it is fun to get in the pool, they had a blast!

 Holding tight to Daddy!

He really liked the part where he could stand up and walk! 

Maggie in her suit from Aunt K!  She loves the water! 

We went to my sister's for the day for my nephew's birthday and the kids had a blast in the sprinklers and the pool--especially our little water baby! 

Wyatt and cousin E playing in the tunnel with Grandpa!  Those cousins love each other sooo much!

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