Friday, August 24, 2012

Charleston 2012

I've been wanting to visit Charleston for some time now.  I'm not sure why, other than the fact that I've never been there and I've heard it's nice and one of my best friends and her hubby live there.  So I finally talked Kevin into it and it was awesome.  We found a good hotel with a rebate deal and it just happened to be smack in the middle of the places we wanted to go!  We were about 20 minutes from everything (traveling at tourist speeds of course!).   We went to the nicest of the beaches in the area and the biggest waterpark in the area and that had a huge toddler area that the kids just couldn't get enough of!  We also were close to my friend and downtown and got to go eat dinner with them one night.  I think it's safe to say that we had a great little family getaway and we'll probably try to go back again in the future!  I know that there's several other things that will appeal to the kiddos as they get older and that makes me excited!  Now for the fun pictures!

Wyatt digging right in! He was all about playing in the sand--we couldn't get him in the water for anything on our first venture out! 

Maggie's first experience in the water...I think she likes it!

At least they're both in the picture!

My dirty princess!

We discovered that Maggie is quite the daredevil during this trip! She would just walk away from us to go under the waterfalls and sit and splash--she had no fear!  (but we sure did!  We needed a life-jacket with a leash for this little girl!) 

I know you can't see part of her face, but she sure is cute! 

Wyatt had as much fun as Maggie, but he was a bit more cautious...thank goodness.  I don't know what we would've done with two daredevils! 

Maggie went down the slide all by herself and she shot down like a rocket.  I caught her the first time and she came down with enough speed and force to shock the other parents waiting to catch their little ones.  She almost knocked me completely over.  We decided Kev should catch her if we did it again since my belly didn't need to be receiving that kind of blunt force trauma!  This was the third time she went down and it wasn't quite as fast as the other times.  I think it's because she pulled her knees underneath her sooner the other times she went and being in a ball is what caused the speed!

I wish we wouldn't have forgotten the camera on our last morning when we went back to the beach.  Wyatt had been saying the whole time that he was going to find the buried treasure and gold deblunes when we went to the beach (he loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates).  So we're on our way that morning when he says it again and I'm frantically searching the car for something to be our treasure chest.  We got some loose change in it and Kev buried it while I distracted the kids.  Once the X was in place, Wyatt was ready!  We sent him off to find the X and directed him a couple times.  I think the look on his face will forever be ingrained into our memories.  He was so ecstatic!  It's the little things you do for your kids that really make parenthood that much better!

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