Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas '09 part II

**Disclaimer--I went overboard with pictures, but it's Wyatt's first Christmas so I felt entitled!
Part II starts at Nana and JJ's house for Christmas Eve brunch. Kev's brother's family comes along with cousin B's other grandmother GeGe. We've done this since our first Christmas together (I think) and it's been fun. Last year was when we announced that we were pregnant and this year that little blessing was here for some fun.
We were a little late because we had to make sure we had everything for the trip to Atlanta later that night. Wyatt fell asleep in the car and slept while we ate. Then he woke up and was very playful with Nana and cousin B.

Wyatt's first Christmas stocking!

Nana showing Wyatt his stocking stuffers!

All of ours and Wyatt's presents.
Wyatt was attempting a nap, but he just couldn't stand not seeing what was going on. I think he was trying to figure out if this is really where he wanted to be!
Wyatt likes this elephant that giggles!
Admiring his new Georgia jacket!

Alas, he finally gave up after seeing all of his presents.

For some reason, I thought his pants would be harder for him to pull off of his head!
This is cousin B showing us his gift from Truett Cathy.

Later that night, we went to Christmas Eve service with Kevin's parents. Wyatt was so good. I wish we had gotten a picture of the three of us. Oh well, maybe next year!

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