Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Easter!

We returned from our cruise the night before Easter Sunday.  We were pretty tired from the long drive, but we managed to get the kids dressed and we all made it to church (almost on time).  I'd like to say thanks to God for sending his son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us.  He is the real reason we celebrate Easter.  The rest is just for fun.  It's so amazing to watch Wyatt learn about God.  He gets so excited and his favorite book is his Bible story book that we have to read before naps and bedtime.  I think we need another one because he already knows all these stories by heart!  I look forward to the day where he sees these stories in a whole new light and comes to know God as more than just a story!
We had some fun doing an Easter Egg hunt with the kids...okay, so we just watched them run around the yard and pick them up.  Well, Wyatt ran and we carried Maggie around to the eggs she would point to and we'd let her reach down to pick them up.  She thought it was so amazing!  So here's a few pictures!
 I figured I'd put some different ones than the ones on the header of the blog.  Those were the best but we had a couple other good ones.

 I really wanted a picture of both my babies together...however, someone (Wyatt) was not feeling a need to be cooperative!

 Here's all of us--I think the kiddos were ready to get out of there!

 Releasing the hounds!

 She had a blast!

 Step 1: Find the eggs.

 Step 2: Enjoy the eggs.

 Step 3: Free the eggs!

Laughing at Wyatt freeing the eggs!

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