Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I just realized that I have not put up the much anticipated pictures from Halloween. I've put a couple up randomly, but I haven't done an official post for it. So here we go!

We went to Kev's brother's house Saturday afternoon and spent the night. They've been hosting a Halloween party for years now and this was our first time getting to go (last year Wyatt was too little and I had a prior commitment that evening). We had a great time hanging out and visiting. Wyatt took about 5 minutes to take in his surroundings before making himself at home! He and cousin B were just about inseparable the whole time. They love each other so much. Cousin B even gave Wy some of his old toys. He's so sweet! Okay, here are some pics.

Carving the pumpkin with Nana, JJ, and Cousin B.

He's still more interested in things with steering wheels!

Wyatt wasn't scared of cousin B at all!

Trick-or-treat! Mommy and Daddy want some candy!
Wyatt loved the houses with dogs!

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