Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wyatt is 2 1/2!

Yes, I know that seems silly, but since the doctor thinks it's important, I think it deserves a blog post! We even have measurements to go with it! We went to the doctor for his check-up and Maggie's 1 yr check-up as well. It took forever (they were working with a new computer system so they're still getting used to it). It did take much longer than usual though.
Anyways, Wyatt is doing great physically and developmentally. He is talking up a storm and about 90% of his talking can be understood by most people. He recognizes his colors, shapes, numbers (1-9), and most of his letters. Just for the record, we do not sit down and do any kind of organized learning. Everything he has learned, he picked it up just from playtime. I try to identify things as he is playing with them, but we don't make it a big deal. He has plenty of time to learn these things!
So here are his measurements:

height--39 1/2 inches (97.47 %)

weight--43 lbs. 8 oz. (99.91 %)

Dr. B did say that his weight was a little high for his height ratio (or something like that), but that she's not concerned since he doesn't look overweight and he's just a solid, muscular, little boy! Our other concern is that he sometimes pulls things close to his face to look at them. he said it could be a habit thing or it could be vision related so we're going to have his vision checked next week. I'm not quite sure how they can assess a 2 year-old's vision, but we'll see how it goes!

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