Monday, March 19, 2012

Celebrating Maggie!

Prepare for picture overload! We did not spare the camera as we celebrated the first birthday of our sweet princess! It was a great weekend with her party on Saturday and some family time on her actual birthday on Sunday. Thanks to all her helped us celebrate our precious girl. Some of our family were unable to make it but we appreciate the love they sent our way! Be sure to notice Maggie's awesome birthday outfit. It was made especially for her by her "Aunt Abbie"! Also a big thanks to "Uncle Mark" for taking most of the pictures so Kev could video while I enjoyed my baby girl!


Hanging out with JJ!

My first present! Yay!

Ooooh! I like tissue paper!

We love books!

Maggie got the cutest clothes for her birthday! She is so ready for warm weather!

"I can pull the paper!"

I love her!

Maggie's personal musician!

Maggie's birthday cake toy was the hit for all the kids!

Maggie's oldest "cousins" watching video footage with Kev!

Loving on Aunt A!


Happy Birthday to you!

No hesitation!

"Is it good Maggie?" asks Wyatt.

Wyatt asks, "Do you want to share?"

"Don't even think about it!"

Diving in!

My niece enjoying her cake! She is the spitting image of my sis.

Thank you for feeding Wyatt Nana!

Still going!

Not much left! (Don't worry, there was plenty of cake in the high chair when we pulled her out!)

Maggie's closest Character relaxing after partying hard!

On Maggie's actual birthday, we gave her a new chair! Thanks to Uncle J and Aunt A for the gift card to pitch in! Wyatt was so excited to pull up his chair and sit with her!

Sitting for Daddy!

Wyatt couldn't wait to try it out and he enjoyed reading Maggie's musical birthday card as well!

Daddy love!

Mommy smiles!

I love our family time!

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