Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recent Funnies

Here are a few funny things that have occurred this week! (Okay, so the first one's not quite as funny as it is just a little incident from the evening.)

While at Kohl's the other night, we had a couple of things. Wyatt broke his first store item. We are so grateful they didn't require us to pay for it. It was some sort of lantern or something. After he broke it he said, "I broke the yellow one." I guess it was bound to happen eventually!

A little while later, Kev left me with the kids in the children's clothing section to go look at something else and Wyatt exclaimed, "Daddy is getting away!"

While Kev was gone, I asked Wyatt to help me find a new outfit for Maggie. After a few seconds of looking, Wyatt calls out, "Ouuuutfiiit, where aaarrrrre youuuuu? Are you behind the clothes, outfit?" I couldn't help but just laugh. Kevin returned shortly and got to witness it for himself. We both had a good laugh!

Today I got to take Wyatt to the eye doctor. Once in the waiting room with both kids and a clipboard full of forms, I attempted to sit down. There was a nice little row of three chairs so I placed the bags down on one end and apparently while I turned around and tried to situate myself in the middle, Wyatt climbed up on the other end and slid himself in the middle seat. I sat on top of him. Luckily I caught myself before I squashed him, but the one lady a short distance away that got to witness it all got a pretty good laugh at our expense! I did too!

I love my life!

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