Monday, October 18, 2010

The rest of August/September

So not much is going on, but I have some pics from August and September that I haven't put up yet. So here goes.
Obviously this is my niece. This dress was my mom's. My grandfather brought it back from (or sent it from) Japan while he was there. He wasn't able to be home when she was born (his first child) so mom wore this when he finally came home. My sister and I both wore it and now it's E's turn. She's so precious and I hope I have a daughter one day who can wear it as well!
This pic just cracks me up. My little monster is just such a ham!
One of my favorite people came to visit last month. My cousin Nelson came in town to celebrate his birthday. I haven't seen him and he hasn't seen Wyatt since Thanksgiving last year. Obviously, Wyatt has changed quite a bit.

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