Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby #2 is...

So yesterday we went to the doctor for our 2nd trimester sonogram with the hopes of finding out what the gender is. We went in for the sonogram and the sonographer measured this and measured that and showed us bones and brains and we got to see the heartbeat some more, which is probably one of my favorite things. I just love seeing the little heart just moving and beating and pumping life into my sweet little monster inside me! Everything looks good and normal and healthy and that, above all, is the most important thing imaginable for us. The sonograher kept poking around, saving the good stuff for last and then it was finally time. She moved the little stick around and around and around and all we could see was a little foot blocking our view. I was sooooo bummed, to say the least. I have been going crazy just waiting to find out what this little baby is. However, she told us that since it was the end of the day, we could come back after we saw the doctor and take one more little peak! I was so anxious! After we talked to the doc, we had to wait just a little longer and finally we were able to go in. So what's the verdict?

It's a...

First, a picture of my pizza-loving man!

Okay, I'll tell you now!

It's a


Wyatt's going to have a little sister! Kev and I are both so excited! Before we went to sleep last night, I asked him if the shock had worn off yet. He said it probably wouldn't sink in until he had to change her diaper! I just laughed and told him it would definitely be a new experience!


  1. I think this picture of Wyatt says it all! I think the caption should be.... Mom! Your having a what? A girl? hmm well let's see I won't have to share my trucks and balls and boy stuff...but there will be girly stuff around the house that might not be good....oh gosh what happens when she starts dating? Me and Dad are going to have to beat some boys. Lol So happy for ya'll and can't wait to meet little Miss!

  2. That is so fun! It is so sweet when they are so little to watch them love each other! You will have a blast!