Thursday, November 8, 2012


So October has now come and gone and we are that much closer to meeting our newest blessing! For now, here's a little info of what's been going on here lately!  I think I mentioned in the last post that everyone was getting a little under the weather.  We pretty much had someone sick or potty training for 4 weeks in a row!  Yes, that's right! Wyatt is finally training and he's doing a fantastic job (with mommy and daddy).  He can't stand to tear himself away from grandparents to go, so we'll just worry about that as he progresses!  So week one: Kev had a bug and Wyatt had croup/ear infections.  2: Wyatt's first weekend of potty training. 3: Maggie was sick with something viral and was super congested.  She's much better, but still a little congested and irritable.  She's also getting some teeth though!  4: Kev caught the virus.  It's been a trip.  I've been fortunate enough to just be pregnant and tired and so far I don't seem to have caught anything from the crew9 knock on wood)!  Hopefully everyone will stay well for a while!
I promised pictures from Pirate/Princess night at CFA so here's a couple.  I wish I had a pic of all of us together on our camera, but we just did it in the photobooth they had available and I don't feel like scanning them in!  Maggie also got her pic with the CFA cow in the photobooth too.  Wyatt wasn't interested, but Maggie was precious!  So here's our pirate and our princess:

 I took the kids to a little craft/local vendor outdoor event when Kev was under the weather and Wyatt got to draw on a pumpkin.  We picked one out for Maggie, but I wasn't about to arm her with a sharpie!  She didn't mind though.


Our church had a fall festival.  The kids had fun jumping in the bouncy house with Noni and then they got to ride a train and play some games for candy...unfortunately, my camera died during the bouncy house expedition so this is all you get! 

Happy Birthday to me!  Kev got me a cookie cake and it was soooo yummy!  I think next time we'll make sure we don't pick it up 2 nights before my birthday next time.  It was so hard to not nibble on it during the day!

Happy "dress up for candy day"!  Last year and this year, we took the kids to Kev's parents' church for a little festival and then to a "trunk or treat" at a friend's church.  They get to have fun in a Christian setting and we don't have to walk from house to house!
Maggie was a princess (thanks to Noni)!

Wyatt got to be Lightning McQueen (thanks to 50% off after last year)!

They love each other sooo much!

They also love their candy!

Gone fishin' and caught some candy!

More candy love!

Golfing with JJ!

Eating a hot dog with JJ!

Walking for cake with Nana!
So that wraps up October! Stay tuned for a baby update!

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