Tuesday, November 20, 2012

38 weeks!

So the time is just ticking away! Little man is coming soon...hopefully, but I'm hoping he'll wait till next week now that it's Thanksgiving week. I'm assuming my babies might be 39 weekers since I haven't managed to pop one out sooner at this point!  Sunday marked 38 weeks and I was able to get a couple more things marked off my checklist (i.e.--girls night with pedicures and maternity pictures).  Hopefully I'll be able to link to a sneak peek of those soon, but my photographer has been super busy lately so it might not be till after baby 3 comes.  We were lucky we actually got the pictures done.  Here's one quickie of Wy and Mags in their "big" shirts.  This was pretty much the only way we got them to pose together, facing the camera at the same time!
**Note to Mom: now you know why I don't get tons of pics of the kiddos together!**
I still have a few things I'd like to get done before he gets here and a couple things that are must-dos before he comes!  I go to the doctor again tomorrow so I may have a better idea of how much time we have left (but probably not). Apparently, there's just no real way to know when a baby will come on his/her own! Go figure!  All in God's time, but hopefully God's time will be when my doctor is in town!  She'll be gone Thanksgiving day and then Dec. 1-4 so I'm praying that we'll be blessed to have my doctor present for this guy's debut.  I know people have a preference for their doctors, but mine is truly amazing and I've been so blessed to have her for the past four years!

I'll try to post a picture when little man comes, but don't be surprised if it's not on time!

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