Monday, November 12, 2012

37 weeks

First of all, we had our 3rd trimester ultrasound a few weeks back and little man is measuring right on track to be tall (big shocker)!  They estimated his weight to be about 6 lbs which puts him at about the same as Wyatt and Maggie.  His head is also measuring a little over 9 cm.  For those that are unfamiliar with the process of birth, the hole he has to come out only opens to 10!  Wyatt had a large head too, so it's not uncharted territory for us.  It was a great ultrasound session.  We got to see a beautifully formed heart just beating away and doing exactly what it's supposed to do.  I wasn't too interested in all of that when I took Biology years ago, but it's so much more interesting when you see it working live in a being that God has created inside of you!  We also noticed that he is in fact still a little man! Nothing has changed in that department.  He was also being quite uncooperative when it was time to peak at his face.  He wouldn't move his little hand out of the way for anything.  The sonographer poked and prodded and did all she could to get him to move, but he was quite the stubborn little mister!  I guess we'll have to wait until he gets here to see his sweet face!  It is worth it though!

So according to the medical community, the new little man inside is given the OK to come on out since I've hit that 37 week mark. I'm not quite ready for him, but I think I will be soon!
I honestly wouldn't mind if he decided to come on out before Thanksgiving (I'd love to be able to eat my fill without someone squishing my stomach!) but I'm patient enough to wait as long as it's deemed safe by my doctor.  Maggie came along at 39 weeks 4 days and Wyatt was induced at 39 weeks (given that I was progressed a good bit, he most likely would have come that week anyways so it worked out).  I imagine that he might decide to wait until later, but I just feel like he could come sooner.  I'm trying to not get my hopes up though.  As of last week, I was already dilated to 2 cm.  I'm pretty sure I was not progressed with the others that early, but I honestly don't remember exactly.  I've also been having tons of contractions (braxton hicks and real ones) for several weeks now.  For those of you who don't know--a pregnant woman can be dilated a few centimeters for weeks!  Being 2 cm makes me feel better after all the contractions I've experienced, but I know very well that it doesn't bring me any closer to actual labor!

I have a few things I'd like to accomplish before little man comes, so I'm perfectly content waiting him out.  I'm sure I'll become less patient as I finish things and feel more ready for his arrival!  I'm seeing the doctor again this week and next so I may post more if things change.  Otherwise, I probably won't post much until his big debut!  The kids are getting excited, although Maggie probably doesn't have a clue what's really coming!

Keep us all in your prayers as we prepare for this newest blessing from God!  He is truly amazing and we could not pretend to do anything we do without his mercy and grace! 
Specifics to pray for:
  1. Please pray for the remainder of the pregnancy to remain uncomplicated and keep me and baby boy safe and healthy.
  2. Pray that the labor and delivery are smooth for me and little man.  Pray for our health.
  3. Pray for Kev to remain solid and unstressed during the labor and delivery.  Pray for his energy levels to stay up.
  4. Pray that we'll be able to get rest during the first few days at home and that little man will adjust well to life outside the womb.
  5. Pray for Wy and Mags to adjust to having a new little brother in the house.  Maggie's become quite clingy lately and rarely lets Kev do things for her (unless it involves food)! Pray that she'll learn to be a little more laid back during this transition and that few tears are shed during this process (from her and me).
  6. Finally, pray for us to continue to fully trust in God through all He has planned for us in this wonderful season of our lives!


  1. :) I'm excited for you & hoping everything is perfect!

  2. Yay! So close!!! The thing I was really blown away by at my final ultrasound was getting to see how specialized and sophisticated my little man's organs had become since our 20 week ultrasound (his little heart and brain were just amazing-- going from rudimentary organs to completely formed and developed!). Absolutely incredible!