Tuesday, November 27, 2012

39 Weeks!

So we've come this far...we might as well just wait till next week when Dr. M will be in town for the duration!  I went to the doc last Wednesday and still not enough progress to indicate labor might be near.  Kev made a pretty good point the other night about the fact that I would like for baby to wait until I get my to-do list finished and the doctor is in town.  I could very well be willing this little guy to stay put without realizing it.  It's amazing what power your mind has over your body!  I go to the doctor again Thursday and I'm hoping for similar results, so we'll just have to wait and see!  We've managed to get a few things taken care of that were pretty important to me.  The last few things involve a little more cleaning, straightening, and organizing. I feel pretty confident that we can achieve these things this weekend while the doc is away.

We had a great Thanksgiving with family.  I didn't take many pictures, but I did manage to snag one of the kids with Cousin B.  Luckily it turned out because as soon as the shutter clicked, Wyatt was off again.  He didn't take a nap that day so he crashed completely during the 20 minute drive back home.
We are so thankful for all of our family!
I also got to go black Friday shopping Thursday night into Friday morning with some great friends.  I didn't go overboard, but I'm regretting not getting a few other things for my sister's kids.  Maybe I should've gone overboard...I could've returned what I didn't want, right?  I think I fell into bed around 2:30 and my wonderful hubby let me sleep in that morning!  I think we were all hoping I might go into labor...but obviously, that didn't happen!  Oh well, maybe next week!

On another note, I took the sick kiddos to see wonderful Dr. B yesterday.  Wyatt has an ear infection that we suspect just never fully cleared up last month.  Maggie has some pretty nasty sinus stuff, most likely infection.  So both kids are on antibiotic and Wyatt will get rechecked at one of the baby's newborn visits.  Now if Kev can get all better, we'll be in business!  He's not sick, he just has the crud. I think we've all just been passing it around over the past couple of months.  I'd really prefer for everyone to be on the mend by the time baby makes his big debut!

We're so blessed by our wonderful parents who've been able to help us tackle a few things here and there to get ready for baby and knowing they'll be here to take care of the kiddos while we're in the hospital is huge!  Thank you parents for all you do for us!

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