Thursday, February 24, 2011

Still Pregnant

I am 38 1/2 weeks pregnant and anxiously awaiting Baby Girl's arrival. I went to the doctor yesterday and I am still not showing signs of being close to delivery. When we were this far with Wyatt, I had dilated a few centimeters and was already mostly effaced. Because my body was showing signs of readiness, we were able to induce at 39 weeks and I was blessed to have a fairly easy labor and delivery. We are not able to schedule a 39 week induction this time though and I must say I'm a little sad. I want so badly to hold my new baby in my arms. As much as this pregnancy has flown by, these last few weeks have seemed like months! On the bright side, Baby Girl sounds good and is still actively kicking and moving around making me oh so uncomfortable. Please pray that I will not spontaneously go into labor this weekend as my doctor will be out of town. She needs to wait until Monday at least. I will go back for a check-up on Tuesday and hopefully I'll have better news!

Wyatt still continues to grow, develop, and make us crazy! He's attempting to say some words and he babbles incessantly! He is nothing short of amazing! Here is a picture of him sitting in a chair that was Cousin B's long ago. Wyatt is finally able to get in and out of it on his own and he enjoys toting it around the house and sitting in different places!

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  1. Oh hang in there girl! She will be here soon!! I know you guys are so ready. I understand that and we are so excited for you and can't wait for your sweet little girl to arrive and meet her!