Friday, February 4, 2011

January 2011

So we didn't do much out of the ordinary in January (besides the ice). We also had a couple check-ups for baby girl. We had our final ultrasound and she smiled for us and she looks a little like her big brother. The doctor said she's weighing in at around 5 lbs. 2 oz. and that she'll probably be smaller than Wyatt. Dr. M also predicted a shorter labor/delivery so she said I need to go straight to the hospital if I go into labor. We'll be 36 weeks this coming Monday. Hopefully she'll at least wait until 37 weeks. That will give me another week to try to get things ready for us to be in the hospital and for her to be home. It's hard to imagine that we'll have another little one in about a month!
Here's a little bit of the rest of our month!

Wyatt enjoyed sitting on the windowsill...until he started moving farther behind the couch and getting stuck. We have now blocked off the window (at least until he's too big to squeeze back there)!

Let me just say that this kid loves going for rides in his wagon! He'd probably stay there all day if we let him.

We celebrated JJ's birthday!

A beautiful day calls for a trip to the playground!

Another nice day means another adventure. We were trying to get him in the car, but he just wanted to go up the sidewalk and sit down in the sun!

Grown-ups on a kid slide is hard enough--try being almost 35 weeks pregnant!

Sliding with Daddy's help!

This is what he likes to do lately. #1--he loves to push things around. Now he's actually trying to pick up the big box of diapers and carry it around. #2--he likes to wear his monkey-head basket on his head. He's quite an interesting little munchkin!

You know how he likes bananas? Well he pulled the whole bunch off the counter and took a bite out of one. What does Kevin do? He gets the camera and takes pictures instead of putting the bananas up. (don't worry--he did pick them up later)

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