Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Hundred Blogs Later

**Warning, this blog is a little on the long side!

So it's been a year and 3 months and this is blog #100! A blog this noteworthy had to include updates of us all! So here we go.

Kev is working harder than ever lately. He's had extra meetings and he's even been working late (which, if you know Kev, is a huge deal). I must say that I am rather spoiled by his being home around a certain time and his late hours are not conducive to my neediness! Some days he doesn't get home until 4:30! His county has the honor of receiving a grant for the PE programs (they applied last year and were so close that they changed a couple things, re-applied, and received it this year). The grant means gobs of money for the county which is so exciting, but it means a lot of extra work for my man. He's recently received a ton of new equipment to use with the new curriculum that he'll have to begin soon. He's also been having to gather sample data of kids using pedometers for a week at a time (this is hard, because pedometers get lost/unreturned and he has loads of extra paperwork). All of this + a new baby on the way, has meant a little extra stress for him. However, I think he's managing very well and doing a great job with these new responsibilities.

I am 36 weeks pregnant and I feel like it. Although I seem to be a little smaller in the tummy area, I still weigh the same (I'm not quite sure how this works). I've still been reading. Since my last reading post, I've finished Redeeming Love, The Scarlet Thread (also by Francine Rivers), The Misadventures of Maude March (a book for older elementary/middle schoolers), and am now reading this book called Boomtown (by Nowen N. Particular). I highly recommend Redeeming Love. The Scarlet Thread was very good, but took longer to get into it. I like Maude March and definitely recommend it for girls (although some boys may enjoy it too) and I want to get the next book in the series to see what happens. So far Boomtown is quite funny and very enjoyable. I'll let you know when I finish. Maybe I can finish before Baby Girl gets here, but I wouldn't hold my breath!

SuperWy is just that. He's so amazing. He's continuing to grow. I think he'll be ready for mostly 3T clothes this summer, but some 2T pants. We'll just have to see. He's definitely in need of some bigger pj's! He's also taken to cutting 6 teeth lately. I noticed the first one had poked through about 3 weeks ago. With that has come interrupted sleeping patterns and extra sleepiness for us all! (That means I need a nap when he does and I haven't been able to work as much.) Despite all this, he never ceases to entertain us. He climbing up and down on furniture without assistance (this scares his Daddy very much) and with his height comes the ability to grab just about everything off of the counter! It's quite annoying at times. He's also taken to chewing his food. I'll try to post a video of this later, because it really is quite funny! It'll be very interesting to see how he responds to having a new baby sister around soon.

Baby Girl pretty much has a name, but just in case we change our minds (as we last-borns tend to do), we won't say it's 100% sure. I had a check-up yesterday and everything looks and sounds good. I have started slight progression so we'll see if she wants to come sooner than her brother, or wait a little longer. My doctor says she's ready to deliver whenever Baby wants to come! Her room is in the process of getting ready. We have furniture in there, so I've been sorting through all the clothes I've borrowed from my friend and my sister. Let me just say, that we will not be buying anything for at least the first 3 months! We are truly blessed to have friends and family that can help us out in this department. I'm almost finished sorting, so the next step is to wash them and get them put away.

If you made it this far--kudos to you! I love all my readers! I can't wait to meet and introduce our newest addition! I will post a few pictures soon, and hopefully that chewing video!

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  1. It was not too long! it is good to hear what all you have been up too. I especially love the part about Kevin's work schedule not working with your neediness! I feel the same way about Chris's schedule all the time! LOL. Can't wait to see you Saturday!