Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Kev!

We celebrated Kev's birthday last week for pretty much the whole week. It started early when we spent the night at his brother's house. We got there and were welcomed with oddly-shaped pizza and cookies!
The pictures are upside down (sorry)...they're supposed to say "Oh".

Then, this past Saturday, we celebrated for real with his whole family. His mom made his favorite: carrot cake! It was so good!

Cousin B, SuperWy, and Kev

SuperWy helping Daddy blow out the candles!
**Pay no attention to those oddly shaped things on top of the cake.
In case you were wondering, we did actually celebrate on his actual birthday. We were supposed to go out with some friends, but one of their bunch was a little under the weather and we didn't want to risk giving Wyatt anything else right now. We've postponed it until we can coordinate all the kiddos to be sick-free! Here's the rundown of the day. Wyatt and I took chik-fil-a to Kev for lunch at work. When he got home, he opened his cards and gifts. He picked up one card and noted how wet it was (any guesses who that one was from?!). Then, we all went to dinner at Olive Garden. Wyatt even enjoyed hearing them sing to Daddy. I'll go ahead and say that the black tie mousse cake is divine!!
Overall, I think he had a good birthday celebration(s)!

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