Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's coming?

Tomorrow is the last day of school/work for Kevin. Yay! And, since the kids are getting out early, they're going to be watching The Polar Express, having their Christmas parties, eating lunch early, and leaving at 11. I wish we'd had some days like that when I was there. So for the festivities, Kevin (being the only male teacher there) has been chosen to dress as the conductor (from the movie) to make sure all of the kids have their tickets. It should be fun and I hope to get a few pictures of him all dressed up!
We are also hoping to get the truck back soon, which will be good because that means Kevin won't have drive a clutch with his broken toe/foot and I won't be without my car when he drives it instead of his. Of course with him being done with work for a few weeks, it's not really an issue any more. Oh well. We go back to the doctor Friday so we're hoping for some good news!
Wyatt continues to be fabulous! He's laughing now and I have some really precious video footage to prove it. As soon as I can find the cord, I'll get it up here for your viewing pleasure!
Oh yeah! Christmas is coming! (the goose is getting fat) 10 points to the person who can finish the song! I know my dad knows it!

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  1. put a pretty penny in the old man's hat... if you haven't got a penny, a half penny will do, if you haven't got a half penny then God bless you!

    ... special thanks to my mom in forcing us to listen to a muppets christmas with john denver. those are the memories...