Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Maggie is Two!

On March 4, our sweet princess, Miss Maggie, turned 2! We celebrated for many days leading up to her day, on her day, and a few days afterwards too!  We probably won't make a habit of this, but it just sort of happened that way this year.
We had her 2 year check-up and she's doing great.  She's growing well and our doctor is not concerned about anything in particular at this time.

Here are her stats:

Height:  36 1/4 in. (95th %)
Weight:  39 lbs. (100th %)

She's our big girl and we love her so so much!
Here's a few pictures from her party:

She got a magnetic dress-up doll named Maggie! How cool is that!?
Thanks also goes to Nana for the butterfly bows for her pigtails!

I think Wy was just as happy about new princesses and a prince for Maggie's castle!

Thanks to Noni for winning a gift certificate to a bakery and giving it to us! Maggie loved her Minnie Mouse cake!

 Dear Maggie,
For two years you have rocked our world! You never cease to amaze and you constantly catch us off guard. Your smiles are a treasure that you don't share with everyone and we are thrilled when you share them with us! You love to eat...everything! You love your brothers and you love playing with them. You say and do everything Wyatt does. You are so smart and mischievous and you keep us on our toes!
We love you to the moon and back times infinity!

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