Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Easter!

So Easter has come and gone and while we don't do anything particularly fancy, I have a few pictures to share! It rained on Easter Sunday and the kids needed naps so the egg hunt in the yard on Sunday didn't happen this year.  We did go to an event a nearby church the day before so the kids did get to run around and pick up eggs with candy in them and they enjoyed that!  We also went to Nana and JJ's house Sunday afternoon where they had a hunt set up inside the house! The kids had a blast!
Here's a few pics of the kiddos in their Sunday best!

Wyatt was exhausted and ended up taking a very early nap so Maggie came outside for a photo shoot!  Here's my pretty girl in her dress that Abbie made for her birthday!


There's just something sweet about a little one picking flowers! So precious and innocent...I love this season of life!

So excited!

Inspecting the loot!

Hey J!

I love the looks on their faces! Wyatt's so excited and Grady's probably thinking that he's had enough love for one day!

I guess I was zoomed in too much, but this is still a great picture of the kids with Nana and JJ!

I love those sweet smiles!

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