Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Feb Fun and March Madness!

Here's a few pics from the little camera from February and March.
We had a series of beautiful days here and there in January and February and took advantage of one of them in February by going to a nearby school playground!

 Reading with Grandpa. I guess he needs a bigger lap!

I found a series of shots of the G-man just chillin' with Daddy!

Pajama fun! Maggie sort of outgrew her warm pajamas and I didn't want to buy anymore since the cold season was about over so I dug through Wy's clothes and found his Cars pajamas. Maggie loves them! She loves to be like "Bubba"!

We also celebrated Kev's birthday in March?

These kids love to try to blow out candles!
So it doesn't look like much, but we had a newborn during cold and flu season so going out a lot wasn't really something we did. It's been unseasonably cooler this spring so we still find ourselves staying home.  Plus, with 3 kids to wrangle, the camera doesn't find itself being used quite as often when we do get out and about! Next up is April and then we should be caught up before all the summer craziness comes!

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