Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yay for December!

I know it's been a week since the last post. However, I didn't think anyone would mind after the onslaught of posts during the blog challenge. I guess I just needed a break. Let me just say that I am so glad for the cold weather December has brought to us. So what's up with us? Not much really. I think my belly has doubled in size since Sunday and baby girl is just moving and grooving a good bit. I am 27 weeks now and the 3 months that are left still seem very far away! It's amazing how unimportant pictures of the baby bump have become since the first time around. I want to get some pictures, but I just haven't felt like it lately and when I do feel good, I don't think about it.
Wyatt goes for his 15 month check-up tomorrow (he turned 16 months yesterday) and I'm really excited to get his official height measurement. He's just too tall for his own good, or ours for that matter. He can reach things that most 1-year-olds should not be able to reach yet and it's quite stressful at times! He is definitely the most amazing part of our lives and we continually thank God for him!
Kev's just working, as usual. He did have the entire week of Thanksgiving off and it was so nice to be together as a family for a few days with nothing major to do!
I had the opportunity to take more photos for some Characters and friends. I'm really happy with how they turned out...especially the one with all 10 kids! That's right--I said 10 kids all under 10. It was by far the most challenging shoot I could imagine, but we really had a lot of fun. You can check out some of the pictures here on Abbie's blog. Meanwhile, here's some pictures of Wyatt watching the madness!

He hung out for a little bit in the stroller and did really well!

With all that's going on behind him, I wonder what must have been going on in front of him!

He loves leaves! He likes to pick them up and throw them and then he likes to try to put them back on the trees that they may or may not have come from!

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