Monday, December 13, 2010

Wyatt's 15-month Check-Up!

Wyatt had his 15-month check-up last Thursday. He's still growing big! Here are his stats:

Head: 20 1/4 in. (above 97%)
Weight: 30 lbs. (95%)
Height: 35 3/4 in. (above 97%)

His weight gain has slowed down a good little bit so I think that's a good thing. It makes it easier to lift and carry him! His height is still tracking off the charts. He's so tall! He's been able to reach things that a 1-year-old should not be able to reach for a while, and now he can reach more. He's grown a whole inch since his last check-up and he's so close to 3 ft. I was kind of hoping he would be 3 ft just so I could say that I had a 3-footer!
Since he was sick this last time around, Dr. B started him on a steroid nose spray. I think it's definitely working because she said that it was the clearest she'd seen his nose, so praise the Lord! This is supposed to help prevent him from getting those nasty secondary infections that he's so prone to so hopefully it will do it's job!
We did Wyatt's Christmas card photo shoot last weekend. Kev took the pictures while I distracted/entertained! It was a short, fun shoot and Wyatt was so funny! Here's a sneak peak.


  1. I can't get over how much bigger he is than Samuel! He turns 2 on Jan 5th and I would love to see them side by side to each other! The pics are great!

  2. He is just getting so big! Love the pictures... I bet he will have so much fun opening Christmas gifts this year!