Monday, August 9, 2010

Wyatt is One!

This past Saturday was Wyatt's first birthday!! We had a blast! Since we had the shindig at our house, we decided just immediate family only. So we invited Wyatt's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. All but Uncle J (who was sick and very much missed) were able to come.
Prepare yourself for picture overload!! :)

Waiting for the party to begin, so we played with balloons!

Gotta love that face!

When are they going to get here?

Playing with Cousin E. They love each other!

Yay! Cousin B is here!

Let's open presents!

Cake Time!

"Happy Birthday to you!" (sing along!)

He had no hesitations and dug right in!

Two hands...even better!

Mmmmm, there's cake too!

Isn't this supposed to be my cake?

Sharing with Daddy and Mommy.
He thought it would look great in my hair!

Still going!

Cousin B was shocked at how much he ate!

And now it's time for a bath!

All clean and ready to play!

Wyatt's new wagon! It's a two-seater so he can share! Cousin E likes it too!

Cousin E likes to ride in Wyatt's car too!

So tired, but still going!


  1. Love it! First birthdays are always so much fun! By the way, the pics you took of Bryant are adorable! You are very talented!