Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Year of Wyatt

It's uncanny how much a baby can change over the course of a few days, let alone a whole year! My little man is so different from when we first met him. Kev and I look back at the pictures and remark at how much he's grown and changed. So I thought I'd share his growth through the year on the blog. Here we go!

Our family!

Welcome home Wyatt!

My serious little man.

One week old!

One month!

First smile caught on camera!

Goooo Dawgs! Two months old.

Three months.

Merry Christmas! Four months.

First solid food! Five months.

Six months old. Sittin up with my buddies!

Happy seven month old!

Lovin the beach at eight months!

Nine months old and his hair is finally coming in!

Summer vacation at ten months!

Showing musical talents at eleven months!

One gorgeous little man at one year old!