Friday, July 30, 2010

July 2010

Not too much has been going on here. We've mostly been hanging around town because we've been on call for our friends who were expecting their sixth baby. They don't have any family here and not many friends are willing to go watch their other 5 kids if they went into labor. Well, as much as we were hoping to get a call, it never came. She finally had to be induced after the 40 week mark and baby #6 arrived last Friday, big and healthy and so precious! So these are the few pictures we've taken this month.

Cow Appreciation Day means free chicken if you dress up. I didn't feel good that night, but we couldn't pass up free food! So here is my cow husband!

Wyatt loves to fall asleep in his high chair!

It even reclines!
(Don't worry, I put him in his bed after I took the pictures!)

Wyatt loves playing the piano at Nana's house.
**Notice JJ's right behind him just in case!

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  1. So, my dad's Jewish- and during Passover, you're supposed to recline while eating the Sedar... I think we all need high chairs like Wyatt's! :)