Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Made in China

***Warning: This post is kinda gross. Don't read if you get grossed out easily (don't worry, there will be no pictures!)

So the other day, I was changing Wyatt's dirty diaper and found something interesting. I saw some big pieces of some bright tealish colored something. I knew this was very unnatural so I used a wipe to pick it up (don't judge me!) and figured out what it was. The following is the conversation with my husband:

Me: Hey Kev...I think Wyatt swallowed some of that tag you let him eat yesterday. Wanna see?

Kev (in the other room): No (thirty seconds pass). Can I still see it?

Me: Yeah.

So I pick it up again and as he comes in it flips over. On the other side of the tealish colored paper, we could read "in China".

"How did this happen?" you might ask. The day before this, I was in the kitchen and Kevin was watching Wyatt while he was playing MarioKart. Suddenly I hear Kev yelling, "Wyatt, NO! No Wyatt! NO!"
I came in to find him taking away the tag from a basket we let him play with. We checked his mouth and didn't see anything and he was fine so we just assumed he didn't actually eat any of it.
I guess you could blame it on me because I had seen the tag the day before and thought to myself, "I need to cut that off and throw it away before Wyatt finds it." Maybe next time I'll listen to myself sooner!

Lesson learned :)


  1. Hahahaha!!! Maggie ate a dart from a nerf gun... that was interesting... "uhh, what is this orange thing in your diaper?!"

  2. I tried to read this out loud to your dad last night and got to laughing so hard I couldn't get out the "in China" part. This is hilarious. All my friends have now seen your blog.