Friday, February 12, 2010

Still Sick

Last weekend we went to visit Kev's brother's family for cousin B's birthday (expect a post on that next). I was going to post about it and Wyatt's 6-month-old celebration this past Monday, but Wyatt decided he needed to run a fever instead. Now, I probably wouldn't have been too concerned because it was just 100.7, but he had been on antibiotic for his sinus infection for several days and hadn't had a fever up until this point. So needless to say, we went to the doctor and I was very worried because the nurse didn't even ask the doctor; she just said to come right in.
On the bright side, we finally got to see Dr. B! (This is a big deal if you know that Dr. B has been unable to work because of complications from knee surgery since before Wyatt was born.) She checked him out and heard a little rattling/wheezing in his chest and said that it's RSV. I used to think that those were the scariest set of letters known to momkind until recently when I learned that not all cases end up in the hospital. So Dr. B gave him a new antibiotic (which doesn't taste as good) and albuterol for the coughing/wheezing.
Fast forward through the week of a pitiful sounding baby that just makes me want to cry when he coughs. We are so blessed to have such a happy-go-lucky baby who just laughs and smiles even when he doesn't feel good. I don't know how I would have made it through this if he were crying and pitiful the whole time. Wyatt is definitely doing better. I think his fever is finally gone today (**knock on wood) and he is coughing less. He is still super-congested and has a stuffy nose, but I know some of it is just going to be sinus/allergy junkiness.

Now for some pictures from today. Wyatt has recently developed a love for the remote control. I know--he's not wearing any clothes, but he prefers to be this way and he had just messed up his outfit!
I will eat you now!
I see it and I will have it!

I will follow you until I faceplant into the couch!

Look at my foot!

**Stay tuned for pictures from cousin B's birthday, Wyatt's 6-month-oldness, and snow!! :)

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