Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Great Snow of 2010!

On February 12, 2010, the local (and non-local) meteorologists were predicting several inches of snow for our area. Now, usually this would not be anything major for this time of year, unless you live in our area in the south. I watched the weather and the news as schools were closing early all day. I saw the flurries starting and still refused to believe that it would actually amount to anything. Then it happened. The ground began to get white! I continued to watch in awe as the snow accumulated on the ground, the car, and the plants. It was so cool! I haven't seen real snow like this since elementary school, so this has been a real treat.
Kevin and I took Wyatt out for his first snow. It was really important because it could be another 10-15 years before he sees it again. You never know what the weather holds in Georgia. We made sure to bundle him well because we didn't want to risk him getting any sicker. So here are some pictures of our fun!

Kevin and I tried our hand at building a snowman! We couldn't find any sticks for the arms, so we settled for sparklers! What did Wyatt do while we built him? He jumped in the jumper inside where it was warm! Every couple minutes, Kevin would run to the door, open it, look at Wyatt, and close it because Wyatt was just fine while we were playing in the snow!

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  1. :) Very nice! I love the sparklin' snowman! We have snow all the time... so Samantha couldn't care less about it, and Maggie doesn't know what it is. Haha.