Monday, January 28, 2013

Merry Christmas!

A little over a month ago, we had Christmas!  Life with a 2 week old at Christmas was pretty simple.  Being pregnant and then having a newborn made decorating for Christmas...not something I wanted to do.  However, I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if we didn't at least put up the tree for the kiddos, so we did! We even put ornaments on it...all four of the ones I ordered that arrived on Christmas Eve.  So our pre-lit tree with four ornaments (one for each kid and one with a picture of all of us) and our stockings were the only decorations we had for Christmas this year and it was perfect! I might consider sticking to that for the rest of my life...nah.  I do enjoy Christmas too much to do that forever!
We did the same thing we've done for the last few years, which I hope keeps up because I'm loving the tradition we're starting as a family.  We had brunch and gifts and time together with Kev's family on Christmas Eve, then Christmas Eve service at Kev's parents' church and his brother's family went to service with us again this year so that was extra special!  Then we had Christmas morning at our house and lunch and time with my family at my parents' house.  This year my sister's family was here on Christmas so that was great too.  I love my family, old and new and I treasure all the time we have together!
To say that Christmas Eve service was normal would be a total fairy tale!  We were quite the entertainment for the people around us.  First Maggie, then Wyatt, and then Maggie again.  The girl can't make up her mind between Mommy and Nana and so she kept going back and forth between us.  After a few times of this, I told her "no" and so she promptly threw her head against the wooden back of the pew. If the loud thud that echoed throughout the small, high ceiling sanctuary during a quiet moment during the service wasn't enough to get your attention, then I'm sure Maggie's blood-curdling scream, followed by her crying would have done it!  What's worse is that as everyone's turned around looking at me with concerned faces, it's all I can do to suppress my laughter! When the teens in the family behind us realized I was laughing, they started laughing and it was harder for me to keep it in.  Kev quickly grabbed her and took her out.  As soon as they got back, Wyatt did something (I'm not sure what) and he ended up having his own fit and someone took him out.  He came back and ended up asleep in Nana's lap since he hadn't taken a nap that day.  A little while later, Maggie wandered out of our pew (2nd from the back, thank goodness) and around the back to the other end where Nana and JJ were.  When she tried to start up towards the front, JJ caught her and she fell and so ensued another fit from her.  Yes, we were quite the picture-perfect family at Christmas Eve service!
Now for a few pictures from the holidays!
Wyatt making faces with cousin B

snuggles with Aunt K

opening gifts is serious business

I think he likes it!

Santa's sleeping on the job!

the best shot of my 3 loves in their Christmas outfits from Nana!

Merry Christmas from the sleeper!

enjoying their chairs until...

they found stuff inside!

Hey Wyatt--I think there's something on the tree for you!

he loved his pirate sword so much, he had to put on his hat to go with it!

pulling the wishbone with cousin was too flimsy and wouldn't break

love Daddy

couldn't get a good shot of all of them, but I love my sweet Maggie's face

playing Ants in the Pants with Aunt A and cousin E
he's awake at last and he looks like Daddy!

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