Tuesday, March 1, 2011

39 Weeks

I am 39 weeks now and I definitely feel like it! We induced at 39 weeks with Wyatt so we're really anxious now waiting to see what our newest love is going to do. This weekend we went into triage to have baby girl monitored because she stayed a little too dormant most of Friday and Saturday. Everything sounded good and the nurse told me I had even had a couple of contractions. I couldn't differentiate them from the braxton hicks contractions that I've been having, but I do have renewed hope that we're moving forward!

I went to the doctor yesterday and she confirmed that I have progressed a little (anything is better than none!). She asked if we wanted to be induced and we talked about it and got her opinion. I definitely don't want to rush into anything if my body is not showing signs of readiness. We could have induced Thursday, but our doctor said we might have a better chance of Baby Girl coming on her own if we wait until Monday. So that's what we're doing. If she waits until Monday, she'll come on her due date. We're really praying for her to come sooner and we're praying for patience in case she doesn't. We're totally ready to have our little girl here, in our arms, and loving on her incessantly! Of course, I ready to not be pregnant anymore right now too! ;)

**Please pray for a safe labor and delivery when she does come and for a strong, healthy baby girl. Pray for me to heal and recover quickly so that when Kevin goes back to work, I'll be able to resume as much of my Wyatt duties as possible. Also keep Wyatt in your prayers as his life will be completely turned upside down soon. Pray that he adjusts well to all the changes that will be taking place in his world. Pray that Kevin will be able to adjust quickly as well as have the patience to take on pretty much all of the Wyatt duties (this is a huge deal because Wyatt is a bit of a momma's boy). Pray that Kev and I will be able to provide both of our children with enough love and attention to make the transition as smooth as possible. Also pray for us to have wisdom in raising our children as God intends.


  1. There will be many prayers lifted up your way!!! It can all be very crazy when that second one arrives because no one really knows what to expect. However, when you just take it each moment at a time, it all works out and is such a blessing from God. Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to treasure each and every moment and realize that each moment truly is a Gift from God and our response determines how we receive the next moments to come. Love you girl! Can't wait to meet this sweet baby girl. Keep me posted!

  2. :) Lots of thoughts and prayers coming your way! I hope you're semi comfortable in these last few days, and that your sweet girl decides that there's no more room at the inn soon!

  3. Yay! It's time for an eviction notice! So excited to hear "She's Here!"