Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, we had brunch with Kev's family and spent most of the day there. We had a great time! Maybe Wyatt will be more interested in his presents next year?
That afternoon, we went to our Christmas Eve service and then my family came over and we hung out for a little bit. Poor Wyatt did not get a good nap that day, so he looks absolutely exhausted by the end of the day.

Wyatt got puffs in his stocking from Nana and JJ and immediately took them to Uncle S to get him to open them. My little man loves his food!

Wyatt and Cousin B got flashlights, but Wyatt liked B's because it looked like a lightsaber.

My favorite gift of all!

Nana and JJ got Wyatt and cousin B some of those recordable books so when you open them you hear Nana and JJ reading them. It's such a wonderful treasure!

Wyatt loves his cousin and B loves him right back!

My sis with E and Wyatt at Christmas Eve service.

Wyatt and E got some great little vintage jack-in-the-boxes from my grandmother and aunts.

Wyatt loves E too. We've got some really sweet kids in our families!

Wyatt decided to share his sit-n-spin with E!

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