Monday, August 15, 2011

It Had to End Sometime

So summer break has come to an end. Kev went back to work today and the house is quite a different atmosphere. I miss having him home. I've been so spoiled having his help with the kiddos. Back to reality I guess. It's been good so far. Be prepared for things to get back to normal, Maggie to get on a good nap schedule (hopefully), and me to get back to regular blogging! I'll be sure to catch you up on all the fun things we've been up to and Maggie's 4 month stats (she's 5 months now) and Wyatt's 2nd birthday! Off to parent for now! See ya soon!

Now for a little teaser from our vacation!

No, we didn't do Disney. We're going to wait till the kids are a little older before we drop that kind of expense! We did go to the biggest Disney store in the world for fun though!

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